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It began November 2006, a basement reptile breeder of 12 years decided after his child was born to write up a business plan to open a family run exotic pet store like no other before it.  After careful consideration a new breeding facility was built. The basement breeding career came to an end. Now on track to building a professional reptile career, we decided upon a name... Upscale Exotics. At that time we started vending at The Corning Reptile Show. That show has now eveolved into REXPO, one of the largest reptile shows on the East Coast.  We started vending shows as Upscale Exotics and seling our quality captive bred reptiles across the country.  In a few short years of vending at reptile events, we decided to go a step further. In November of 2019, we decided that the family business that was put down in a journal 13 years ago is to be born!

Upscale Exotics opens it's doors on June 19th 2021.
deign by Project Z•REX
Phone:  315 367 5002
Social Media:  Facebook  |  Instagram
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